Looking for a project to do? Check Tumblr!


If you are ever bored and at a loss for inspiration, the internet is obviously a good place to go. (Of course, there is also plenty on the internet no one wants to see, but that’s a post someone else can write.)  There are lots of great blogs out there but it can be hard to find one and google or other search engines can be overwhelming. Tumblr offers you the ability to browse by some key subjects, like “Craft” or “DIY” or “Art.” When you go to tumblr.com, just click on the “Explore” tab and then you will see some of the most popular categories people browse for, all neatly grouped together. So if you want a new crochet project, maybe like the amazing rainbow slice of cake seen here by Genuine Mudpie,someone on Tumblr has already found it for you and put it in the crafts section. (In the case of the Rainbow cake, it was Slothshark, who says on her blog her goal for 2011 is to make something everyday.)

Or maybe you are looking for a lovely thing to brighten up your home. Click on “DIY” and you can find out how to make the very memorable  String Ball Chandeliers Merrybride posted. Or looking for something more “fine arts”? Click on “Art” and be inspired by the screenprinted city on wood or large whimsical spoonbridge and cherry sculpture from the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

Fair warning, though, it can be highly addictive to start browsing those categories. Before you know it the morning is gone and you still have laundry to do.

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