Artist Spotlight: Jessica Ross

Jessica Ross, owner and creator of Livvy Lou’s Boutique, says her business is all about family. Her boutique began as a way to bring in money while staying home with her daughters, and includes several members of her family, from her Mom who attends craft fairs with her, to her husband who helps her with her bottle cap pieces, to her little girls who model everything she makes. Jessica creates affordable hair accessories for little girls because she thinks every little girl should have something lovely to shine in. Also be sure to check out Jessica’s new line called Chic Charlotte, named for her second daughter, which has hair goodies for kids and adults.

Studio/Business Name: Livvy Lou’s Boutique

Set of TWO New York NY Mets Custom Bottle Cap Boutique Baseball Team Bows in Orange, Blue, and WhiteArtist/Owner’s Name: Jessica Ross

Where is your studio based? In my living room in Niskayuna, NY.

How long have you been creating? I have been an artistic and creative person forever, but specifically I have been creating children’s items since 2009.

Briefly describe what you make & your process.  I make hair accessories for children mainly, but am branching out into other products and accessories for adults.  I use all different fabrics, ribbon, and embellishments, including antique jewelry.  Most  pieces are sewn,  tied, and glued together to make sure they last for as long as possible.

Why do you create?  It’s fun!  I love the appreciation I get from customers when they see what I have made for them.

NEW Chic Charlotte Set of TWO Small Sophia Flowers on Bobby Pins in Hot Pink and Leopard PrintWhat inspires you?  Everything.  Right now I am particularly into fabrics and can’t get enough.  I have an idea for just about every medium I see.

What are your long-term art goals?   The ultimate goal is to be able to financially support my family comfortably with my business.  I want my girls to be able to participate in all the fun sports activities and extra curricular programs at school that they want to.  I want to be a household name.

Do you sell your work, and if so, where?

NEW Chic Charlotte Soft Pink Olivia Hair Piece in Chiffon Shabby Chic on White Elastic Headband

I have a website I also sell my wipes cases wholesale  to In stores I have wipes cases at a consignment store in Massachusettes, Bear-ly used consignments.  I have bows at the Katbird Shop in Schenectady NY, custom hair pieces at Lark Vegas Piercing/ Red Garter Gallery in Albany, NY, and am working on a custom line for La Moda Lisa vintage shop in Schenectady NY.

Advice for other beginning artists/artisans?  Do what you love!

Favorite thing about being an artist?  I love that I am able to be at home with my girls to watch them grow.  I love the satisfaction I get from working all night on something and then waking up in the morning still in love with what I made.

All photos are the property of Livvy Lou’s Boutique and its photographer(s).

Little Beau Bow Tie on Elastic in Brown and Blue Paisley All Sizes AvailableJessica also has a line of bow ties for little guys!


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