To submit or not to submit?

As more and more cities join in Occupy Wall Street, the different groups involved are looking for ways to get the word out. One of the ways that is happening is with good ol’ fashioned posters, like these available as free downloads at Occupy Together’s website. Feeling inspired and moved by the protests (which are happening locally, too– check out Occupy Albany for more info)? Then submit your own design to Occupy Together’s call for posters.

Submission details (for posters, not to the tyranny of corporate America, that is):

  • Poster must be at print resolution (300 dpi)
  • Poster must be submitted as a PDF document
  • It is suggested that you use minimal color/black in order to save on ink
  • Also, it has been suggested that posters be at 8.5″ x 11″ for easy printing on a home printer
  • Please tell them if you would like them to use your full name, a pseudonym, or just your first and last initial
Check out their website for more.

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