The I-75 Project

I just came across this project while browsing through some of the blogs I like on Tumblr (thanks to for posting it). The I-75 Project, created by Norm Magnusson, is thought-provoking and in your face without being in your face (check the project out and see what I mean). Made to look like standard historical markers, the I-75 markers are commentary on political and social issues in America and are placed at rest stops on I-75 along the U.S. – Canadian border. They take on everything from gay marriage to the war in Iraq to regular citizens’ inability to pay for prescription drugs. They stop you in your tracks and make you think “Who put these here?”, “Are they for ‘real’ (State-created)?”, and “Do we really live in a society where the average teen has witnessed 30,000 murders on television by age 18?” This is public art at its finest– questioning, eye-catching, intriguing, and thought-provoking.









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